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Delta 8 Live Resin – Blue Zkittlez

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  • Less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC
  • Lab tested
  • Cured with specific strain terpenes
  • 1 Gram of ultra premium Delta-8 wax
  • Available in 7 different strains
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Blue Zkittlez Delta 8 Live Resin by Habit CBD will bring on a buzzy cerebral sensation that flows all the way through the body, providing a relaxed physical sensation that will last. This indica dominant hybrid strain works to relieve tension and get rid of negative thoughts, leaving you feeling euphoric and calm. Better yet, the mellow effects won’t leave you with couch lock or brain fog, making it perfect for daytime use.

Blue Zkittlez Strain

Blue Zkittlez is actually a rare indica hybrid strain with a fragrance of sharp citrus and sweet oil. The taste is reminiscent of sweet candy and pine, hence the name Blue Zkittlez. Blue Zkittlez buds are dark green with tons of trichomes and plenty of orange hairs throughout. The fluffy buds are obvious by their sweet candy-like smell and fresh sweet flavor.

This indica dominant strain is perfect for relaxing at the end of the day since it can melt away tension and stress after the first hit. You’ll first discover a stimulating head high that quickly makes its way into the body to ease tension, anxiety, along with diffusing aches, and pains. Since Blue Zkittlez is a powerful indica, most users will have the best effects if used at night.

Since the Blue Zkittles Delta 8 Live Resin cart is half as potent as the traditional THC strain, users could have positive effects using it during the day or in the evening. Blue Zkittlez is perfect for a pick-me-up if you’re dealing with anxiety or depression or to help you relax before bed. Either way, you’ll find yourself enjoying the calming effects and buzzy head high of this rare strain.

The Story Behind Blue Zkittlez

Blue Zkittles was produced by Dying Breed Seeds. This rare indica hybrid is a result of cross strains Zkittlez and Blue Diamond which are responsible for the sweet candy flavor and mouth watering scent of Blue Zkittlez. Like most indica dominant hybrids, Blue Zkittlez quickly became known in the recreational community as a relaxing strain, perfect for winding down with friends and family at the end of the day.

Blue Zkittlez has also earned a reputation in the medical cannabis world since it is known to reduce anxiety and stress along with mild aches and pains and insomnia. So, whether you’re using Blue Zkittlez to knock out stress, deal with insomnia, or for the unforgettable aroma and flavor, you won’t be disappointed.

Blue Zkittlez Terpene Composition

The most predominant terpene in Blue Zkittlez is Myrcene, sometimes referred to as Beta-Myrcene. You can thank Myrcene for the candy sweet taste and flavor of Blue Zkittlez, but it’s responsible for more than just that. Myrcene is found in a variety of plants all over the world. Because of its abundance, many cultures have used it medicinally for centuries.

Myrcene has been used in Brazil to help with pain and inflammation for generations. A study conducted by the National Library of Medicine suggests Myrcene can help with inflammation and pain because it raises naturally occurring opioids in the brain and spinal cord.

The second most predominant Terpene in Blue Zkittlez is Caryophyllene. Caryophyllene interacts with the CB2 receptors in the endocannabinoid system found throughout the body. Caryophyllene is known for reducing depression and anxiety. Another study conducted by the National Library of Medicine suggests it has the ability to curb alcohol cravings and treat symptoms of alcohol addiction.

Of course, more research must be conducted before these claims are proven. Regardless, Blue Zkittlez is bound to make a name for itself in the medical cannabis community for a variety of benefits.

Reported Effects of D8 Live Resin

Delta 8 Live Resin by Habit CBD is the perfect mix between CBD and traditional THC. You get the calming relaxation of CBD with a mild, intoxicating effect that’s half as potent as THC. You won’t experience any adverse effects like paranoia, anxiety, couch lock, or brain fog with Delta 8. Where THC can be overwhelming, Delta 8 is the perfect middle ground experience.

Because Delt 8 provides such calming effects, it’s perfect for wake-and-bake, in the middle of the day, or right before bed. Blue Zkittlez Delta 9 Live Resin can give you all the chill vibes you need without the paranoia sometimes associated with traditional THC.

Common Uses of Delta 8 Live Resin

Delta 9 and traditional THC have similar uses, even though Delta 8 is a more mild experience. People use traditional THC for a number of reasons, and you can use Delta 8 similarly. Delta 8 Live Resin by Habit CBD is perfect for relieving aches and pain brought on by overuse or arthritis. The strain specific terpenes mixed in will ensure relief from anxiety, depression, and heavy thoughts while relaxing your body and mind enough to enjoy the experience.

Delta 8 can also help with insomnia and lack of appetite since it increases hunger and allows you to relax enough to sleep. It’s perfect for those who want to enjoy the benefits of traditional THC without the overwhelming intoxication sometimes associated with THC. Regardless of why you’re using Blue Zkittlez Delta 8 Live Resin by Habit CBD, you’ll find the mellow experience you’re looking for.