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Delta 8 Live Resin – Cookies

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  • Less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC
  • Lab tested
  • Cured with specific strain terpenes
  • 1 Gram of ultra premium Delta-8 wax
  • Available in 7 different strains
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Cookies Delta 8 Live Resin by Habit CBD will bring on a relaxed cerebral experience with a soothing physical sensation that will ease your tension and bring on positive thoughts. It has an aroma similar to sweet lime and earth with a fresh citrus flavor with a sour aftertaste similar to green apples. This tasty strain is perfect for achieving a balance between sedative and energized, meaning you can achieve linear thought and motivation if needed.


Cookies Strain

Cookies is a unique indica strain since it provides a sedative feeling starting off and an energizing sensation, making it ideal to use when hanging out with friends or winding down after a long day. Cookies buds are olive green with patches of lighter green throughout. They have a plethora of orange hairs and trichomes, making them a sparkly treat. The smell is similar to sweet, spicy citrus and the taste is complete with a sweet, desert-like flavor, hence the name Cookies.

While this strain is unique in how its effects are both sedative and energizing, it still packs a powerful punch against tension, stress, and anxiety. Cookies Delta 8 Live Resin by Habit CBD is ideal for getting that sweet, citrus taste and flavor while ensuring you’re perfectly balanced between relaxed and alert.

Since Delta 8 is milder than traditional THC, you won’t experience the jarring effects of this strain like you would if you were partaking in traditional THC. Instead, you’ll be left with a mild experience that will turn negative thoughts into a soothing cerebral experience while ensuring you still have plenty of motivation and linear thought to complete your tasks if you need.


The Story Behind Cookies

Barney’s Coffeeshop in Amsterdam created cookies by combining a Rolex phenotype, OG Kush, with Girl Scout Cookies. This strain took home the gold medal at the High Times Cannabis Cup for being the best coffee shop strain. Since then, it has grown in popularity outside of the Amsterdam coffee shop scene and has made a name among the recreational and medical community because of its uniquely sedative and energizing effects.

Cookies can boost your mood while relaxing your body and melting away the stress of the day. This strain is perfect for those looking for the middle ground between calm and alert in an indica strain.


Cookies Terpene Composition

The most predominant terpenes in Cookies Delta 8 Live Resin by Habit CBD is Caryophyllene. You can thank Caryophyllene for the sweet taste and flavor of the strain, but it’s responsible for more than that. Caryophyllene can be found in a variety of plants and herbs, including black pepper, cloves, and cinnamon.

Because of its abundance, different cultures have been using it medicinally for generations. This is because Caryophyllene interacts with the CB2 receptor in the body, helping the endocannabinoid system fight things like inflammation, pain, and anxiety.

There is still much to learn about this terpene, but several studies shed light on its medical benefit. One study conducted by the National Library of Medicine suggests Caryophyllene can reduce stress on genes and prolong lifespans. Another study conducted by the National Library of Medicine suggests Caryophyllene could reduce alcohol cravings and treat symptoms of alcoholism.

Since research on cannabis and its medical effects is now in full swing, our understanding of how cannabis can benefit us medically is growing. It’s safe to say Cookies and the terpene Caryophyllene will have a bright future in the medical community.


Reported Effects of D8 Live Resin

Cookies Delta 8 Live Resin by Habit CBD will bring on a feeling of soothing relaxation soon after your first hit. The breezy cerebral experience is complemented beautifully by the sedative, relaxing physical sensation. Since Delta 8 is half as potent as traditional THC, you’ll be able to maintain a clear head and a level of energy after use.

Delta 8 Live Resin is perfect for daytime or nighttime use since the mellow experience won’t leave you paranoid or glued to the couch. You can use it as a pick-me-up throughout the day or help you sleep at night.


Common Uses of Delta 8 Live Resin

People use traditional THC for a number of reasons, and many of those can also be achieved by using Delta 8. While it’s true that Delta 8 is a more mild experience than traditional THC, it still provides a whole host of benefits similar to those of THC. For example, Delta 8 works to reduce inflammation, pain, anxiety, insomnia, and depression.
It also works wonders for increasing appetite and bringing on positive thoughts and feelings of contentment.

The cannabis-derived terpenes present in the Cookies Delta 8 Live Resin supports pain and inflammation reduction, along with anxiety and depression, as well. This powerful live resin will have you feeling calm, cool, and collected without any pain or adverse effects of traditional THC. You don’t have to worry about paranoia or anxiety with Delta 8, but you can ensure it will have you zenned out and ready for whatever comes your way.