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Vanilla CBD Oil

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  • Rich MCT Oil
  • Hemp Extract
  • Stevia (for subtle sweetness)
  • Extract of Vanilla
  • Alcohol-Free, Sugar-Free, and Organic
  • Gluten-Free, Vegan, and Ketogenic
  • 0% THC (will not get you high)
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Vanilla CBD Oil by Habit CBD is a sweet way to get the relaxation and pain relief you need without the negative side effects associated with over the counter medications. Our Vanilla CBD Oil is made with rich MCT Oil and the highest grade CBD. By placing the CBD oil under your tongue, you’ll get the relief you need with a sweet vanilla flavor that will have you reaching for more.

Vanilla CBD Oil

Vanilla CBD Oil by Habit CBD is a tincture you place under your tongue. It’s made with rich MCT oil and top quality CBD. Finding relief from pain, inflammation, and tension can be as simple as placing Vanilla CBD Oil under your tongue for sixty seconds. Soon you’ll notice irritants like muscle aches, inflammation, and chronic pain lessening.

Our tincture is made with an extract of vanilla and a hint of stevia for sweetness. This tincture is incredibly flavorful and smooth under the tongue. You’ll also notice a scent of sweet vanilla, as well, making it seem more like a treat than a medicine.

This CBD Oil is ideal for those who need relief from tension, aches, and pains throughout the day. Since CBD Oil doesn’t make you feel intoxicated, you can use it anytime, day or night, and still function properly. Using Vanilla CBD Oil in the morning can prevent discomfort from getting in the way of your plans. Using it at night will ensure you have a restful night’s sleep. Regardless of when you use Vanilla CBD Oil, you’ll find yourself relaxed and pain free while the taste of sweet vanilla lingers.

Why Use Vanilla CBD Oil

CBD Oil can be highly effective in treating a variety of ailments. CBD comes from the hemp or cannabis plant and is closely related to THC, although it doesn’t get you high. Over the past several years, CBD has risen in popularity because of the mounting discovery of medicinal benefits it can provide with very few side effects.

CBD interacts with the body by interacting with the endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is made up of cannabinoid receptors throughout the body, including the brain and spinal cord. CBD stimulates the CB1 (in charge of mobility, appetite, emotion, and mood) and CB2 (in charge of the immune system, inflammation, and pain) receptors.

When using this tincture by Habit CBD, both your CB1 and CB2 receptors are stimulated. This leads to a decrease in inflammation and pain. It also leads to improvement in mood, relaxation, increased appetite, increased mobility, and overall wellness.

CBD is a more natural alternative to inflammation and pain relief. A study conducted in 2018 shows that CBD can reduce inflammation by inhibiting the chemicals released in the body that cause inflammation. The benefits of CBD go beyond pain relief since there are no harsh side effects often noticed when using traditional pain medication.


Vanilla CBD Oil by Habit CBD is alcohol free, sugar free, and gluten free. It’s also keto and vegan friendly. Our Vanilla CBD Oil is made with all organic, top quality ingredients. Vanilla CBD Oil uses MCT Oil as the carrier oil, meaning the CBD isolate is suspended in MCT Oil.

MCT Oil comes from coconuts of palm kernel oil and has a host of benefits on its own. MCT Oil, or medium-chain triglycerides, is considered a fat. Even though MCT is considered a fat, it’s processed by the body differently than traditional fats (aka long-chain triglycerides). Once MCT Oil hits the bloodstream, it goes directly to the liver where it can provide energy.

MCT oil is often used as a weight loss supplement, but some people turn to this unique oil to sharpen their brain function. The Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation conducted a study that listed the pros for using MCT Oil to treat and prevent Alzheimer’s disease by allowing the brain to use ketones instead of glucose for energy.

MCT oil is also known to increase energy and stamina and is used as a workout supplement by many. This pairs well with MCT oil’s ability to decrease the hormone that stimulates appetite and supports weight loss. More research must be conducted to prove these claims, but MCT oil is definitely making a splash in the wellness sector.

The most important ingredient in Vanilla CBD Oil is the CBD isolate. CBD isolate contains zero THC, making it a pure form of CBD. CBD promotes pain relief, decreases inflammation, and eases headaches, arthritis pain, and nausea.

The final ingredient in this tincture is an extract of vanilla. This is what gives the Vanilla CBD Oil its sweet flavor and scent. Extract of vanilla is known to have a calming effect when inhaled and ingested, further supporting Vanilla CBD Oil’s ability to bring relaxation and relief from irritants like pain.

Reported Effects of Our Vanilla CBD Oil

Users have reported a calm, soothing experience when using this tincture. You won’t notice any taste of hemp or cannabis, only the sweet taste of vanilla. The tasty flavor makes this oil smell and taste amazing, meaning you’ll be reaching for it again and again to melt away tension and relieve pain. The great taste combined with effective relief from a host of ailments makes this CBD oil a staple product that will ensure you’re prepared to handle anything your day throws your way.

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