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Zkittlez CBD Flower

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  • Natural Organic Hemp Flower
  • Less Than 0.3% THC (will not get you high)
  • Cured with Natural Terpenes
  • 3.5 Grams
  • Child-Resistant Cap
  • Lab Tested
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Zkittlez is a strain that has become renowned for delighting its fans with the complex flavor profile of tasty tropical fruits, which some say is almost like taking a trip to the candy store.
In addition to its beguiling taste, smoking or vaping a few puffs of Zkittlez CBD flower at the end of a stressful day can offer up a dose of welcome relief by relaxing your body and heightening your senses.

Zkittlez CBD Flower

Zkittlez is the genetic descendent of Grape Ape Indica and Grapefruit Sativa, which was originally created in northern California by Dying Breed Seeds. This award-winning strain has taken First Place at several notable competitions, including the 2015 High Times Cannabis Cup in both Michigan and San Francisco, and the Emerald Cup in 2016.

The physical appearance of its flowers is classically Indica. The dense buds can either be conical or round in shape, with a bright green hue and pronounced purple overtones. They are beguilingly studded with brilliant orange hairs, which are generally crusted with a thick layer of trichomes. Needless to say, the Zkittlez strain of flowers generally tends to be fat, sticky, and extremely aromatic.

Because of the predictably laid back and relaxed sensations that are imparted by Zkittlez CBD flower, it is a strain that is most effectively enjoyed later in the day, rather than in the morning when your mind and body is more inclined to need a boost.

The Story Behind Zkittlez

Zkittlez is pronounced the same way as that popular rainbow flavored candy but has simply substituted the last letter of the alphabet in its name to avoid legal complications. It won awards in both 2015 and 2016 as one of America’s most flavorful Cannabis strains and has been growing in popularity ever since.

As the story goes, the original strain was developed by a prominent California-based farming operation, 3rd Generation Family, which serves as an umbrella for a number of Cannabis collectives within the state.

While the Zkittlez flower’s virtual rainbow of fruity, citrusy flavors may be what won it so many awards, many would be surprised to learn that it naturally contains more than 90% CBD content. This factor makes it ideal for those who may be just acquainting themselves with the many benefits of Cannabis.

Zkittlez Terpene Composition

The two most prominent terpenes in the Zkittlez strain are Alpha-Pinene and Limonene, along with a cast of lesser contributors:
This terpene has a pine-scented, almost woody essence that occurs naturally in coniferous trees such as pines. It contains properties that can deliver gastroprotective and anti-inflammatory benefits.
Alpha-Pinene can also counteract certain unwanted symptoms of Cannabis intoxication, such as short-term memory loss or anxiety response. This is accomplished by its ability to inhibit acetylcholinesterase activity within the brain, which in turn, assists you in retaining memories more efficiently.
In addition to Cannabis, this highly aromatic terpene occurs naturally in mint, juniper, fennel, pine, and rosemary. It has fruity, citrusy aromas and flavors, and is widely used in the manufacture of various foods, beverages, perfumes, soaps, and other similar products.
Limonene has also been used in traditional medicine for centuries as a remedy for heartburn, bronchitis, and even gallstones.
· Beta-Pinene – Beta-Pinene offers a similar herbal aroma profile and physical applications as Alpha-Pinene.
· Linalool – This terpene is only available in trace amounts, but offers a characteristic lavender scent with a hint of spiciness.
· Terpinolene – When combined with Linalool, it can act as a depressant to the central nervous system to create a sedative effect.
· Carene – Is a terpene that is believed to promote an alert state of mind as well as memory retention, and can also reduce inflammation.
· Cineole – This terpene is considered to improve memory, cognition, and alertness.
· Terpineol – Possesses a lilac-like botanical essence, and is known for its relaxing effects and the mild sedation it offers.

Reported Effects of Our Zkittlez CBD Flower

One of the first physical effects that accompany the fruity rainbow of flavor in our Zkittlez CBD flower is the calming and relaxing sensations similar to the body effects of smoking THC Indica flowers. The primary difference is that it will not produce the same mind-numbing intoxication that can sap you of your energy and possibly turn you into a couch potato.
Unlike tinctures, which offer relatively low bioavailability, smoking or vaping CBD flowers offers the advantage of allowing you to enjoy the full entourage effect of the terpenes and minor cannabinoids that are contained in the CBD flower itself.

Common Uses of Zkittlez CBD Flower

One of the primary reasons that many people are now choosing to vape or smoke CBD flowers is because it offers a much faster onset time for the effects to kick in, as opposed to other methods of application, such as using a tincture sublingually.

The mildly sedative sensations to the body and mind are also enhanced by the fruit-filled essence of every puff of Zkittlez that you exhale. Most of the individuals who enjoy the benefits of Zkittlez CBD flower do so to unwind at the conclusion of a demanding day. But there is also a lot of mounting evidence suggesting that a complement of other cannabinoids in CBD flower, such as CBG, CBC, and CBN can help to contribute to an entourage effect.

This is a mechanism by which Cannabis compounds other than THC can bind together synergistically to create and enhance a plethora of other beneficial effects. Zkittlez CBD flower is a virtually perfect strain for helping you to personally experience those benefits.