Blueberry Muffin Live Resin CBD Concentrate

by Habit CBD



1 Gram Single Origin Cannabis Derived Terpenes. Pure, Full Spectrum and Solvent Free.  

Attention: CBD may crystalize in syringe. To dispense, use lighter or other source to gently heat contents. Gently pull back on syringe while warming to avoid spillage. Do not over-heat.

 Flavor Profile


Lab Tested by Infinite Chemical Analysis

Sample .11115
Batch: 101418
THC 0.13% CBD 65.18%
CBDv 0.78% CBN 0.51%
CBG 0.35% CBC 3.49%
Terpenes: 10%
MFG: 10/18/18
Best By: 10/18/20
MFG Habit CBD 1(800)646-0362

Contains <0.3mg THC