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High CBD Hemp Flower

Cured with cannabis dervied terpenes.

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Potent Warming Therapy

I'm here when you need me.

Our most popular creation.

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Habit Berry Vapor Pen

$11.99 $24.99


✅Lab Tested, Pesticide Free

🌱All Natural

🕑Timed Dosing System

Net Weight 500mg 

Our 6 second timed dosing system allows for a consistent dose with every draw. Light on bottom of pen will illuminate indicating a full dose has been completed. 

Habit's disposable vapor pens are designed for a one-time use. This product contains a Lithium-ion Battery, visit to learn how to properly recycle your pen!



Made with MCT Oil derived from organic coconuts.

All natural ingredients.

Nighttime CBD Tincture



"The water is by @habitcrafted and tastes like a Gatorade, but it’s full of antioxidants, electrolytes, and has 50 mg of CBD 👏🏼. I can’t wait to buy more of these products and explore more into the realm of CBD..."

by @wellnesshoe

Second CBD infused water I have picked up and I’m sticking to this one. Definitely one to stock up on if you are always in pain like I am.


Remember CBD now is legal, talking about drug test in the sport. I use to stop taking it a month b4 the fight now I feel better, sleep smooth during the weight cut and I already packed my @habitcrafted for my flight to Brazil! Smart move by USADA let the fighters use cbd which it was crazy being banned

by @chitoveraufc

Somethinq new I’ve been tryinq out recently @habitcrafted #CBDtincture for nighttime specifically since it includes essential oils (Lavender, Lemongrass & Chamomile) 💆🏽‍♀️🌿⚖️ I no lonqer need as much THC before bed as I used to. Fallinq asleep & stayinq asleep haven’t been an issue since. 💤 

by @rayybleezy.og

Anybody else using CBD for pain? I decided to ditch the narcotics & recover from back surgery with CBD for my pain. 
So glad I did. I can't stand the nasty effects of narcotics & not to mention the scary thought of addiction. 
#cbdforme #painreduction #naturalremedy#habitcbd

by @fiercelyfit_jen

Finally found a cbd edible/drink with no sugar! The hint of lemonade tho🍋 gonna need a thc one too! 

by @pzworld



cannabidiol (CBD)

NOUN  can•na•bi•di•ol

a compound that is one of the main constituents of cannabis, having mild psychoactive effects

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